Biography  Edit

Early Music Career and Mournblade (1980-89)[edit]Edit

Mullett left school aged 16 and attended Ealing College of Higher Education (later Thames Valley University) where he undertook a four year D.A.T.EC. Visual Communications qualification. It was here he met Richie Jones; with similar interest in science fiction writing and bands, like HawkwindThe Pink Fairies and Motorhead, they began writing music together. Within a few months Mournblade performed their first gig at the Ealing College student union hall.

The band’s early influences included the books of Michael Moorcock, apparent in the band name, lyrics and particularly theatrical live shows. At a book signing Moorcock officially gave Mullet and Jones permission to use the name “Mournblade”, a sword from one of his most famous books. At one stage the live show featured Mullet undertaking 14 costume changes and the use of many props: notably a 2.5 metre wooden sword; a 1.5 metre high Victorian doll named “Victoria”; a decaying First World War soldier's mask; a devil suit including a cape with a 3.5 metre wingspan; and a ‘space helmet’ made from a motorcycle crash helmet sprayed gold, covered in LED lights and mounted with a small laser. The band gigged tirelessly around the UK promoting their first official release “Times Running Out” (SHARP 030, Flicknife records). Over the period of a few years the band performed over 400 gigs with acts including Motorhead, Doctor, The Medics, Zodiac Mindwarp, Hazel O Connor and The Enid. Mournblade were great supporters of the free festival circuit, playing at the Stonehenge festival in 1984 and 1985.

In 1985 Jones left the band which coincided with the decision to leave behind the theatrics and make-up. The music and stage show became much rawer and stripped down. Many people now consider this era of the band as belonging to the latter part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement.

Now a 4 piece, the keyboards largely replaced by Paul “Blacken” White’s distorted 8-string Rickenbacker bass sound, the band went on to release their second album “Live Fast Die Young” (GILP333 GI Records) and toured non-stop in the UK and Europe until the band split late in 1989.

Early in 1990 after the demise of Mournblade, Mullet teamed up with Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Rat Scabies (The Damned) to form a band that went under several names (“The Itch” and “The Hidden Riders of Tomorrow” amongst others), but only ever performed live once.

Mullett then joined a fledgling line-up of The Wildhearts in late 1990, and sang on a five track demo produced by Ric Browde for East West Records. Mullett left after a year and formed “Hipjam” with guitarist Andy Marlow and his old friend Steve “Smiley” Barnard on drums. They went on to record the eponymously titled album late in 1992.

Recent Musical Career[edit]Edit

After the demise of Hipjam in 1993, Mullet took a step back from music to concentrate on his martial arts career. During this time he continued to play with covers bands, notably Auckland’s “Soul Pit Orchestra”, a 60’s soul/Motown band; “2’s A Crowd”, an acoustic duo; and “Henrieta & The Misspent Youth”, a jazz trio. In 2012, motivated by fan requests, Mournblade reformed. After a 24 year break, the band played The Heavy Metal Maniacs festival in Hoorn, Holland with only three days rehersal. The show was captured in the documentary “Mournblade – The Resurrection” directed by Henrieta Tornyai. The band went on to release two further albums “Live & Loud”, live recordings from the rehearsals for the reunion show, and “Live in Holland”, a double DVD of the documentary and reunion show. The band have announced they are working on new material and plan to do a few shows in UK/Europe in 2014.

Aikido Career[edit]Edit

Mullett started his Aikido career at the age of 10 in 1974 and was a student of Sensei Haydn W. Foster at the Hut Dojo in London. He was awarded Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1996, Nidan in 1999, Sandan in 2003 and Yodan in 2008. In 2003 Mullett published the book “Aikido – A beginner’s guide” and the DVD “Aikido – The first steps”, basic guides to Aikido. “Aikido – A beginner’s guide” is now in its third edition. He continued training and acting as Senpai (senior student/assistant) to Sensei Foster until he emigrated to New Zealand in 2005. Mullett is the senior instructor at The Institute of Aikido Auckland and The Institute of Aikido Silverdale. In 2008 Mullet built a dedicated Aikido dojo (training hall) on his property in Silverdale, Auckland. With approx 110 sq metres of matted training area this is one of the largest dedicated Aikido dojos in New Zealand and is well known for its 'open door' policy to students from all styles and disciplines.

Other Projects   Mournblade   The Ragged Boys, Hipjam.  Now lives and works in New Zealand, runs a recording studio just north of Auckland and teaches the Japanese martial art of Aikido.Edit