1. Greetings from Shitsville
  1. TV Tan 
  2. Everlone 
  3. Shame on Me 
  4. Loveshit 
  5. The Miles Away Girl 
  6. My Baby Is a Headfuck 
  7. Suckerpunch 
  8. News of the World 
  9. Drinking About Life 
  10. Love U 'til I Don't


  1. Nothing Ever Changes but the Shoes 
  2. Schizophonic 
  3. Vanilla Radio 
  4. Someone That Won't Let Me Go 
  5. Hate the World Day 
  6. Naivety Play 
  7. Turning American 
  8. Sick of Drugs 
  9. Got It on Tuesday 
  10. Red Light Green Light 
  11. Beautiful Thing You 
  12. The Duck Song 
  13. Mood Swings & Roundabouts 
  14. Dangerlust 
  15. Geordie in Wonderland 
  16. 29 x the Pain 

Encore 2:Edit

  1. Caffeine Bomb 
  2. I Wanna Go Where the People Go 


Ginger, CJ, Random, Ritch


No Support

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